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Product Information


takex clearnThe World’s First Food Grade Halal Ethanol Sanitizer for Food Industry

TAKEX CLEAN, the world’s first food grade SANITIZER for the food industry, certified by JAKIM, can protect Food-Safety and People’s Health. You can use TAKEX CLEAN casually anywhere because it is safe and human friendly comes from “food grade”.
To realize the pleasure of the earth, the pleasure of society and the pleasure of people, it is the wish of us TAKEX.

5 strong benefits of Takex Clean

  1. 1. Wide range of antibacterial activity

    Can eliminate and remove fungus even from virus to saprophytic bacteria.

  2. 2. Effective even at wet places

    Perform well even it is diluted with water.

  3. 3. High durability

    Still effective even it is evaporated.

  4. 4. High safety level brings and human friendly

    All the contents are officially approved as food additives.

  5. 5.High deodorizing performance

    Quick dissolution and deodorization of bad smelling.

Extract from Bamboo

Bamboo material is using bamboo of Japan Kumamoto production
  • Bamboo
  • Bamboo quinine powder which is abstracted and collected from the bamboo epidermis.
  • Bamboo Extract

1) Antibacterial effect

inhibit bacterial growth [active ingredient]

  • 2,6-Dimethoxyphenol, 1.4-benzoquinone
  • p‐Benzoquinone
  • tannin

2) Deodorant performance

resolve the origin of the bad smelling. [active ingredient]

  • phenol
  • flavonoid

3) Antioxidative effect

prevent oxidation [active ingredient]

  • furofuran lignan
  • polyphenol

4) Others

[active ingredient]

  • chlorophyll
  • beta-carotene
  • xanthophyll
  • violaxanthin

Scenes of use by purpose

Research and development, clinical results

TAKEX CLEAN exhibits the high disinfecting performance characteristic of a TAKEX product,
which is superior to the normal disinfecting agents.
The product has been proven to be effective in the actual setting,
with 99.9% disinfection of viable cells and effect on E. coli and yeast,
including the inactivation of E. coli and S. aureus in about 1 minute.

Takex Clean Multipurpose Sanitizer

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