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Company Message

In the name of Allah, the most merciful,

The year 2018 is a very important year for Takex. This is the year where we will venture into new markets, create new developments for our products and services, as well as reinforcing our strategic network. The team at Takex had worked very hard over the years to reach this stage and we will continue to work even harder.

Today the industry is heading into a new level and recognizing more knowledge-based industries. It is important that we continue vigorously to build our brand and reputation as the best hygiene solutions provider. The hygiene consciousness is developing very fast and many industries are required to practice good hygiene management. This industrial drive further enhances the awareness to the people within the industries, therefore creating massive needs for good hygiene management solutions globally.

The Halal industry is rapidly growing and the demand of Halal products are very high. It is now understood and acknowledged that ‘Halal is for all’. We are proud to say that we are gearing fast towards the Halal industry and striving to become the catalyst for the new hygiene industry through developments of our product offerings.

But how do we achieve that? While we may discuss on the fusion of ideas and planning to achieve our goals, it is not just business skills or knowledge, or even extraordinary luck. It is the most important factor, which is the team behind the Takex brand and the aspiration they hold.

Looking ahead, we will continue to grow our business in a sustainable way so that all our stakeholders will benefit. We will positively navigate our way through today’s challenging environment. Together, we shall prosper. I want to take this opportunity to thank our customers, partners, and stakeholders for the continued trusts. Also, to the Takex family who continuously showed their utmost commitment, energy and irrepressible drive to always improve our capabilities as Team Takex.



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