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Vision & Mission


Creating / Enhancing the potential of bamboo and contributing to the conservation of global environment and health around the world


Through continuous research of bamboo, we aim to be the frontier in pursuing safety and reliability to the health of people around the world, like a mothers’ concern on the health of the family.

Corporate mission

We aim to become a frontier company in pursuing safety and reliability from the perspective of a mother concerned about the health of the family, thereby contributing to the health of people around the world through research on bamboo.

Corporate goal

We aim to be an international corporation and establish a unique stance that creates global values through our research and developments.

TAKEXCO Malaysia Concept

The idea behind our activities which are the source of our minds and actions

What is common to all human beings across different races and languages?
It is the affectionate wishes of mothers.

Mothers wish for their families’ health above all.
TAKEXCO Malaysia pursues safety, reliability, and health from the critical viewpoint of a mother.

We continue to support everyday lives through business activities conducted from the stance of a mother.

Origin of the logo

Corporate Name

The corporate logo consists of an X of bamboo (infinite strength) and X (infinite potential) and TAKE (to take) as components.

logo design

By using green which makes image of bamboo divided into two colors, we convey the power gained from bamboo to the world more widely.

Business model

Manufacture and distribution of Halal product

We will develop halal products to overseas, including “Food grade Halal ethanol sanitizer TAKEX CLEAN.

Halal consulting business

We collaborate with various related organizations in Malaysia to support Japanese company’s development of halal products.

Halal frontier business

We will plan and operate the halal platform and import and export halal food products.

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