TAKEXCO Malaysia aims to improve sanitation and establish a business platform that acts as a bridge between Malaysia and Japan emphasizing in the halal market and industries.


Halal ethanol sanitizer TAKEX CLEAN

TAKEX CLEAN is an ethanol based sanitizer containing extracts from bamboo in Japan, as the active ingredients.

TAKEX CLEAN is made using food grade ingredients and is also HALAL certified since 2016 by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) which is known to be one of the most stringent certification bodies for Halal.

There are two range of TAKEX CLEAN variants, TAKEX CLEAN and TAKEX CLEAN EXTRA, which have different percentage of ethanol content but still with the same effectiveness.

TAKEX CLEAN is Food-safe and human friendly

Through many years of research, we have created food-safe and human friendly sanitizing products as our product range.
With strategic collaborations and developments in Malaysia, our products are now Halal certified by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM).
JAKIM is considered one of the most stringent certification bodies and the JAKIM Halal is globally recognized especially in the Islamic countries across the world.

  • Takex Clean Multipurpose Sanitizer

Continuous need for halal ethanol disinfectants for food sanitations in the future

Won the best booth award at MIHAS

As you know, TAKEXCO Malaysia runs a booth at MIHAS. And guess what? We won "Best International Booth Design & Presentation" award!! There are some awards which participating companies are awarded.

During MIHAS, we got lots of visitors who interested in our products and booth, and the happi coat which all our stuffs were wearing attracted attention. Besides, I think warm space using wood, bamboo which is feature of our products, and atmosphere which makes visitors feel being at a cafe are also evaluated.

With the developments of new emerging markets complying with global hygiene standards, there is a continuous increase in hygiene awareness and managements.
This is consistent with the increase of populations in developing countries as well as economic growth throughout the Asian region.
Our products will be the driving factor that promotes to the developments of food safety and hygiene managements throughout the world.

Recommended use

TAKEX CLEAN is a sanitizer which has antimicrobial and antiviral effects. It is very effective against viruses and can be used anywhere such as food factories, restaurants, schools, hospitals, public facilities and many more.

  • Food plant

  • Eateries

  • Central Kitchen

  • hospital / school

Why Bamboo?

Bamboo has been associated with Japanese clothing, food and building materials. Most of the relationship between bamboo and the Japanese diet has been in the preservation of food. Bamboo skin, after shedding, is used to wrap rise balls or meat. Bamboo sushi, Bamboo leaf-shaped kamaboko(steamed fish paste)and Japanese sweets also uses bamboo to improve food storage life traditionally.
TAKEX studied parts of bamboo containing the most active ingredients for food preservation and discovered it is mostly in the green epidermis.Bamboo grows 20 meters in 2 months during the growth period. This fast growth is enabled by the intense nutrition contained in the white fiber inside. This nutrition consists of components that are perishable, easily oxidised and causes mold immediately. The green epidermis protects this fiber from bacteria, mold, fungus and rot.

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